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Philips Pocket Speakers for Mont Blanc

Project Title

Philips Pocket Speakers

Our task was to create cost-down versions of the successful Philips ‘V’ pocket speakers. The new version, called ‘Hong Kong’, should fit the pocket segment, meaning it should be small and portable and basically fit into a pocket comfortably. It should also have some playful feature, similar to the opening and closing of the V speakers, or the push-push function of a ball pen. 

Our concepts were so well received that it resulted in several follow-up projects such as:

- Portable speakers - luxury: Design of a pouch for iPod/ music phone and speakers, targeted at the luxury segment and ladies in particular. Will be co-branded with haute couture brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and positioned as an ‘affordable luxury’.

- Docking Stations: Create a high-end Marantz-branded iPod dock, based on the acoustic solution

and middle cabinet of the existing PSS iPod dock; Upgrade finishing and materials to appeal to a high-end urban Japanese consumer group; Set was sold in specialty stores in Japan

- Portable speakers – trendy: redesign existing Philips Sound Solutions hardware, targeting existing and new PSS customers. We focused on human benefits of technology, making things smarter and life better for people; Specifically targeting the urban consumer. One of our sleek and affordable designs resulted in portable speakers for the hugely successful Motorola RAZR series.

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