Wireless Power - The last mile of the last wire

It all started with an inspiring conversation about a technology that had come out of Philip's Innovation Lab: the safest, fastest and smallest wireless charging technology. Unlimited Innovation joined HK-based Convenient Power (CP) right at the start and helped them shape the future of wireless charging by creating a new eco-system in consumer electronics. We assisted CP in strategic positioning by developing multiple concepts targeted at specific product categories with a large installed-base. Specifically: Gaming consoles like Nintendo NDS and mobile devices like iPhone. Our concepts included wireless charging cases (transmitters) and receivers. Convenient Power's technology is incorporated in the world's leading wireless power standard Qi, www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com of which CP is one of the founding members.  

Qi-enabled Samsung S7
Qi-enabled Samsung S7 receiver
Qi-enabled Samsung S7
Qi-enabled Samsung S7 on Qi-receiver
Qi-enabled iPhone
Unlimited Innovation's first concept and product for Convenient Power (in 2008). The product was shown at CES in 2009, where it received the Innovation award.
Qi-enabled iPhone Pad
Qi-enabled iPhone Case and Receiver
Nintendo NDS Wireless Charger
Nintendo NDS Wireless Charging Accessories
Wireless Power Receiver Module
Wireless Power Qi-enabled receiver module
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